Armen Arakelyan

Armen Arakelyan was born in 1987 in Syuniq, Goris. He studied art at the Pedagogical State University of Armenia and has been working there as a sculpture teacher since 2009. He has been a part of the Artists Union of the Republic Armenia since 2010.


2005- Artists of Syuniq and Artcax     (Artists Union of Armenia)
2006, April 22- An exhibition devoted to the Great Genoside of Armenia (A.S.P.U.)
2007, Nov. 26- Dec. 5-  “Kamar Art” festival of Traditional, Classic and Avanguard Art in The Gallery of Academy
2008, Feb. 12-  First individual exhibition              (N.A.I.)
2008, Dec. 26- Republican exhibition “Native Land”  (Artists Union of Armenia)
2009, Feb. 7-  Youth Republican exhibition devoted to St. Sargis Day(Artists Union of Armenia)
2009, March 13- Second individual exhibition      ( N.A.I.)
2009, Apr. 20- An exhibition devoted to the 100 anniversary of Adana’s pogroms (N.A.I.)
2009, July 31- “Sculptur, Graphic art” Republican exhibition  (Artists Union of Armenia)
2010, Jen. 30- Youth Republican second exhibition devoted to St. Sargis Day          (Artists Union of Armenia)
2010 May 21-23- France, Valence  “A.R.A.”  festival 2010
2010, Dec. 1- An exhibition devoted to Tigran Metc,    (National Gallery of Armenia)

"Eve" [23 cm H]

"Kamanchist" [23.5 cm H]

"Pregnant Woman" [51 cm H]

"Large Family" [27cm H]

"Mother and Child" [21 cm H]

"First Love" [30 cm H]

"Family" [25 cm H]

"Akhtamar" [30 cm H]

"Tiger" [13 cm H]

"Cellist" [23 cm H]

"Lion" [17 cm H]

"Bull" [15 cm H]

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