In November 1999, Nigol Abrahamian and Zabelle Berberian relocated to Armenia and embarked on a series of projects such asĀ Parev Doon (hotel & tourism) and the Vanahovid residential complex (real estate & development). They are currently working on an agricultural endeavour called Zoravan and are actively involved in youth community programs within the township of Proshyan and Kanaker child homes.

The Abrahamian family have been avid art patrons and collectors for several years. As their social circle consists of several artists and others who are culturally proactive, the Abrahamian Art Centre (AAC) came about quite naturally as a new venture. Partially a reaction to the recent surge of casinos opening on the outskirts of Yerevan, one of the main goals of the AAC is to bring art (a main ingredient of Armenian culture) to the forefront by providing an interactive and experimental playground for artists and art lovers alike.

The AAC will be putting on exhibitions of various mediums such as paintings, film screenings, and readings. We will also be offering workshops and lectures hosted by artists, which will be open to the public. Through the creative synergy of these elements, the AAC practices the belief that art has no boundaries and should be accessible to those feel drawn to and inspired by it.